DIY Spring Wreath


I wanted to add a DIY section to the blog, since I do a lot of these projects in my spare time. I like making things. If I see something on Pinterest or in a home decorating store that I can make myself then I find a way to make it. Today I am going to show you how to make your own Spring Wreath. These come in many variations, but I chose a simple spring floral theme with monogram.


Supplies Needed:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Mongogram Letter
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Glue gun (not pictured)
  • Wire cutter/Garden shears (not pictured)


All of these items were purchased at my local craft store (minus the glue gun) for under $25 with the use of coupons and catching a lot of the supplies already on sale.



The first thing that you want to do is to take your monogrammed letter and paint it with the acrylic paint color of your choice. I chose the color turquoise, since I thought it would look best with my chosen color scheme. By doing this first this will allow ample time for the paint to dry. I used a small paint brush to get in between the little corners.


Next you will want to use your wire cutter/gardening shears to separate the flowers from their stems. Then you will arrange the flowers on the wreath as you want them to be.



Take the burlap ribbon and make a bow out of it. This can be easily found how to do online and can be done with some patience. Now it is time to assemble your wreath.



Using the glue gun while being careful, glue the flowers, burlap bow, and monogram in place. Make sure that the monogram is  dry.

Congratulations! Your wreath is now complete.


Here are some closeups of the monogram and burlap bow. I hope that you have enjoyed this DIY post. If you make a Spring wreath let me know.


Happy Crafting,




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