Cover Reveal: I Don’t Know How She Will Do It


Today cover reveal is for Kobby Gyampoh’s novella, I Don’t Know How She Will Do It,  of Chicklit Pad.  This book is available on Amazon and is a funny read.


Lily has had it with Aunt Lizzie. She wants her inheritance. She wants to be
free. Aunt Lizzie wants Lily to find a husband, though she thinks it's impossible. Aunt Lizzie doesn't want to give Lily her freedom. 

Aunt Lizzie's thinking marriage, Lily's thinking marriage-if-anyone-would-ever-want-me. Aunt Lizzie's thinking cooking, cleaning and looking after a family. Lily
wants a career that isn't home-running. Aunt Lizzie's not bent on making Lily have her way. So what would Lily do? She'd plot to gain her inheritance. She'd plot to gain her freedom. Her dad's will
said nothing about Mr. Right neither did it mention an aspiring actress wanting to
break into Hollywood.

Join Lily in her quest for freedom as she poses as a couple with Clare in order to
get that inheritance. Follow this hilarious recipe of a low self-esteem girl, a sassy self-employed actress, an Aunt
whose quotes would get you raising brows and two grannies who are willing
to help low self-esteem girl. But watch out, one has a pistol which she keeps in
her underwear. 

Happy Reading and Writing, 

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