Writing Motivators

Writing Motivators are simply things that keep me motivated, while working on my WIP. These particular things keep my creativity flowing and allow me to write, with it still being fun. Most of the time while writing these are the things that help me get through a writing session.


I love teas and have ever since I was a teenager. In my cabinets, there is even a special section for tea. If I have a good cup of tea I will put in at least an extra hour of writing without noticing. Currently my top two types of teas are black tea and white tea. A black tea that I am loving is a peach ginger tea from English Tea Shop. This tea shop is based in the UK, but they can be found on Amazon. A white tea that I am loving is the island mango and peach  tea from lipton. I originally bought this tea at  Target, but can no  longer find it there.

For a dessert tea I am loving the chocolate and roibos tea, also from English Tea Shop. This drink is like a hershey’s bar melted into a tea. I reserve this tea for days when I want a sweet treat without the calories.

At the moment my favorite Teavana teas are strawberry rose champagne and peach tranquility. My all time favorite Teavana holiday tea is white peppermint mocha.

Jazz Music

I am a huge jazz music fan and I would love to go to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. I actually play the clarinet. Sometimes when I get writers block while writing I’ll go to iTunes radio and turn on the Smooth Jazz and Jazz Showcase channels. While listening to the music I gain writing ideas and jot them down in my writing notebook.


I love candles. Most of the time when I am writing I have a candle burning. The is something about the scent of candles that relax me and transport me  at the same time. Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works are my favorite brands. Anytime that I can get yankee candles for buy 2 get 2 free, I do. My favorite yankee candle scent is vanilla cupcake. my favorite bath and body works scents are apple crumble and pumpkin caramel latte.

What are your writing motivators? Comment below and have a great weekend.

Happy Reading and Writing,



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