Weekend Book Recommendation: The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.


I listened to this book on audiobook over a couple of days and I really enjoyed it. This book would be a great weekend read. Whether I was at the gym or cooking dinner, every chance that I got to listen to this book I took. It had all of the elements that I enjoy in a book. Family, friendship, and a journal.

Kate who was Elizabeth’s best friend inherits all of her journals, upon her instruction, after her death. Kate learned more about her friend than she every imagined. Through the journals she was able to escape into Elizabeths world any really understand her.

While on vacation Kate reads Elizabeth’s journal, while trying to reconnect with her husband and kids. They got into a routine and couldn’t seem to get out of it.

Ironically, Kate struggled with some of the same things that Elizabeth did, like juggling family and working.  The bond between the two woman was strong, but not as strong as Elizabeth thought it was.

Elizabeth had a secret that she was hiding, right up until her death. It is up to Kate to decide what to do with the journals in the end and who should see them.

If you are a fan on Dorothea Benton Frank or Liane Moriarty then you will enjoy this book. The Unifinished Work of Elizabeth D can be found on Amazon.


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