NaNoWriMo 2013: Days 1-4


This is my first year doing NaNoWriMo so I am going to recap every few days or so on my progress. When November 1 got here I was ready to go with my outline, Scrivener, and my computer.

I went to Barnes and Noble and typed out almost two thousand words without my effort. While people sitting near me talked of changing locations and the upcoming holidays I was in my own writing world.  I have already written most of my novel. I am just completing it during NaNoWriMo.


To get my NaNoWriMo days started I drink of a cup a tea in a cute mug, such as this Hello Kitty one. The hot tea wakes me up and focuses me for the day.  So far I have exceeded the average word count each day.


I have been documenting my word count each day by using this NaNoWriMo calendar, which is glued into my work in progress writing notebook/scrapbook The top number is the amount of words that I write each day and the bottom number is the word count total for the month of November so far.

To pace myself I’ll write half of my word count, take a break, and come back a little later to finish it up.

How are some of my fellow writers doing during NaNoWriMo. What are you doing to pace yourself during this process?

Happy Reading and Writing (NaNoWriMo On!!),



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