Book Review: Plain Jayne by Brea Brown


Author – Brea Brown

Release Date – July 13, 2012

Pages – 277

Publisher – Amazon Direct Services, Inc.

Genre – Chick Lit


Jayne Greer was the only survivor after a house fire took the lived of her parents and her two sisters. Afterwards she began writing down her feelings about the tragic event.

Twelve years later Jayne has a book deal and is writing on the event that happened so many years earlier. She has a bad case of writers block and goes to a writers retreat to see if it will help with her creativity.

Along the way she has Gus, a friend with a colorful personality who keeps her motivated, and Lucas, which is her tyrant editor to push her to excel in her writing.


In Plain Jayne Brea Brown shows versus tells the story of Jayne through imagery and great detail. Jayne is eternally searching for answers to her life in this story. She is determined to reach her goal of finishing writing her book.

The book is easy to get lost in and the story flows at a moderate pace. Not too fast and not too slow. You root for Jayne to finish her book as the story progresses.

I could relate to Jayne in a lot of ways during this book. I know the pain of losing a parent and Brea Brown relays Jaynes pain to the readers making it believable and realistic at the same time.

The memorable characters are what made this book a great read. Gus, Jayne’s friend, has a personality that is full of dramatic phrases and comic relief. He is really someone that you would want to be around you to keep you motivated and to cheer you up. That is just what he did when Jayne was down on herself.

Lucas, Jaynes editor, pushes her writing abilities and believes in her. That is what a good editor is supposed to do. He invites Jayne to his house to relax and get out of writers block. Jayne gets a lot more on her time at the house.

This book is a great summer read. It will be great on the beach or while traveling. The plot and characters will keep you entertained until the last page. Even after reading it, I wanted there to be a part 2.

I hope that you pick this book up to read on your Kindle. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Reading and Writing,



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