Short Story Review: Girls Who Travel


Author: Nicole Trilivas

Author Website: Nicole Trilivas

Chapters: 25

Pages: 18

Short Story Website: Girls Who Travel



Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas is a great read for those who love the genre of chick lit as well as travelling. It is the story of Kika, who is unhappy in the jobs that she has and her life, but is given an opportunity of a lifetime. She has always wanted to go back to London, and she gets the chance to when a family that she used to baby sit for asks her to come and work for them.


Kika jumps at the chance and is living the life that she has always wanted. Lochlon, is a boy that she met through her travels who emails her. They have stayed in contact since they last saw each other a year ago. In London Kika meets new individuals, while discovering a new her.


Short Story Review

Girls Who Travel is a short story that I found on Wattpad , which won the Marian Keyes Chicklit Short Story Contest. The book cover drew me in and I was intrigued by the synopsis that I read. I love to travel so almost any book with a travel aspect will draw me in.

The chapters flow very well. They aren't too long or too short. There is also a lot of description which allows for a clear visual of what is going on while you are reading.

Character development is used very well when it comes to Kika and Lochton. Lochlon's character is highlighted in the emails that he sends to Kika.

Nicole Trilivas uses a lot of emotion in the plot to really let you know how Kika is feeling. She has expectations for her relationship with Lochlon and the plot slowly builds up to their meeting. From Nicole's writing you get a very detailed picture of how the Darlings live a lavish life and how Kika fits in well there. You immediately see a transformation in her outlook on life and in her attitude.


I would recommend this short story to anyone who loves chick lit as well as a good plot. It has all of the elements of a great read: love, emotion, travels, and self discovery.


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