How to make a writing schedule

To me making a schedule for writing is a very important tool that I use. I am a person that likes to be organized and I have created a writing schedule that works for me by using free resources. Being organized as a writer helps me to stay on track as well as to see progress in writing my book. You could use this same scheduling method by using a planner or an iPhone. I prefer using a full calendar so that I can see the month as a whole.
Above I have printed off a calendar from Free Printables for the month of August. I figured out how I wanted my writing schedule to be and then I color coordinated for each item in my writing schedule. Here is how I color coordinated the items.

Pink– Writing a chapter
Blue-Editing and proofreading a chapter
Purple– Outlining a minimum of 2 chapters.
Do you have a writing schedule? If so let me know how it works for you and what method you use.
Happy Reading,

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