iPad apps for writers

I am currently writing my book and I am using my iPad a lot in this process, until I can save to get a MacBook. There are a lot of apps available for writers to use. They make the process easy and more streamlined for me. With me being an organized person these apps allow me to have all of my writing resources portable and in one place I have complied a list of my most used apps.



1. Index Card

The index card app can be used for a lot of things, but I personally use it to outline my book. Instead of using index cards to outline the old fashioned way and placing them on a table I can do it on my iPad. I can save more trees and I can print the outline out to help me with my writing. You can find this app here. Here is a current screenshot of my outline using this app.




2. Quickoffice Office Pro HD

If you are looking for a microsoft office on the iPad this is the one for you. You can type your document right into this app and save it. It also opens pdf files, which is convenient for many things. This app can be found here.



3. Dropbox

I believe in backing up all documents just in case,but for writers this is especially important. Dropbox allows you to do all of this for free. It is also available across different devices and syncs to allow access to your documents anywhere.



4. Wattpad

Wattpad is a great app for meeting amazing writers and for learning more about writing. Free ebooks are available on this app for. You can access your wattpad library using this app and also comment on the books that you are reading, while voting for them. You can't be a good writer without being a good reader. Here is a screenshot of my current library in the app.




I hope that I have gave you some good ideas on how you can use your iPad for writing. What are some iPad apps that you use for your writing?


Happy Reading,



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