Weekend Book Recommendation: What A Woman Wants


What A Woman Wants by Brenda Jackson is a story about a group of friends on a summer vacation after the death of one of their closest friends.  While reading this story you will laugh, cry, and see how important friendship really is. Brenda Jackson beings the sum me to your fingertips with her imagery.

This book is all about women doing what they want with no regrets and going after their goals. They really see the value of life as the book goes on. I love how Brenda included a love story in this book along with traveling.

This will be a great weekend read that will teach you that life is too short, and sometimes friends are the one of the things that keeps us going.

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August 2013 Reads

My August reads were full of discovering new authors, all of which I loved. Each book was so different and full of surprises, laughter, and written dialogue. These are the books that I read during the month of August. I hope that you check some of them out. I have linked the Amazon Kindle links to the books below.


1. 44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel

2. Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark – Weekend Book Recommendation

3. Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas – Short Story Review

4. Stardust Summer by Lauren Clark

5. Plain Jayne by Brea Brown – Book Review

6. Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann – Weekend Book Recommendation


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Weekend Book Recommendation: Is This All There Is?


Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann is an excellent read. After all, I read this book in only 4 days. Beth is a wife, mother, and university professor who longs for something more in her life. She has tried to fill the missing piece, but nothing seems to work until she begins seeing Dave, who was once a student of hers.

The author takes you through Beth’s tug of war emotionally and physically between her husband and Dave. This book will appeal to a lot of Chick Lit readers, such as myself because we can  relate to it by the fact that we all are moving forward to make our lives better in some way. Beth just chose the wrong path, but she eventually finds her way.

This book will be a great weekend read that is full of emotion and challenges.

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Book Review: Plain Jayne by Brea Brown


Author – Brea Brown

Release Date – July 13, 2012

Pages – 277

Publisher – Amazon Direct Services, Inc.

Genre – Chick Lit


Jayne Greer was the only survivor after a house fire took the lived of her parents and her two sisters. Afterwards she began writing down her feelings about the tragic event.

Twelve years later Jayne has a book deal and is writing on the event that happened so many years earlier. She has a bad case of writers block and goes to a writers retreat to see if it will help with her creativity.

Along the way she has Gus, a friend with a colorful personality who keeps her motivated, and Lucas, which is her tyrant editor to push her to excel in her writing.


In Plain Jayne Brea Brown shows versus tells the story of Jayne through imagery and great detail. Jayne is eternally searching for answers to her life in this story. She is determined to reach her goal of finishing writing her book.

The book is easy to get lost in and the story flows at a moderate pace. Not too fast and not too slow. You root for Jayne to finish her book as the story progresses.

I could relate to Jayne in a lot of ways during this book. I know the pain of losing a parent and Brea Brown relays Jaynes pain to the readers making it believable and realistic at the same time.

The memorable characters are what made this book a great read. Gus, Jayne’s friend, has a personality that is full of dramatic phrases and comic relief. He is really someone that you would want to be around you to keep you motivated and to cheer you up. That is just what he did when Jayne was down on herself.

Lucas, Jaynes editor, pushes her writing abilities and believes in her. That is what a good editor is supposed to do. He invites Jayne to his house to relax and get out of writers block. Jayne gets a lot more on her time at the house.

This book is a great summer read. It will be great on the beach or while traveling. The plot and characters will keep you entertained until the last page. Even after reading it, I wanted there to be a part 2.

I hope that you pick this book up to read on your Kindle. You won’t be disappointed.

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3 Reference Books Every Writer Should Own


Reference and literary books are important to writers because they provide knowledge across several areas of the discipline like formatting sentences and word choice. I have compiled the literary reference books that I use the most when I need to check something that I am writing. These books have been with me a while, since I was getting my undergraduate degree. I hope that you find these sources useful in your writing.


The Writers Harbrace Handbook was one of the first books that I had to get for my undergraduate English classes. This book has a lot of information in it for writers including writing styles such as MLA and APA.  I love the section on grammar which goes over everything from pronouns to comma splices.


A Writers Reference  by Diana Hacker is a book that I carry with me when I just need a quick reference. It provides all the things that you would need quick reference for such as document formatting and punctuation. The book even cross references with the book website for furthering your knowledge on a specific subject.


Literary terms are important for all writers to know. How are you going to write a novel or short story without knowing what a foil or a protagonist are? This dictionary of literary terms and literary theory book has all the literary definitions that you will ever need. If you are ever stuck on a particular term, just open this book.

I hope that this post has helped you know what books will be most valuable to you as a writer. They have helped me a lot through the years and I continue to gain knowledge from them.

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Weekend Book Recommendation: The Ideal Wife



My weekend book recommendation is The Ideal Wife  by Jacquelin Thomas. I read this book a few years ago and some of the things talked about in this book still are relevant today. 

Jana thought that she she had the dream life with a successful and handsome husband. Little did she know that it would all change after marriage. Lawrence wants to change everything about her from the way that she dresses to her choice in friends. 

Jana has to choose between being the strong woman that she is or submitting to the controlling ways of her husband. 


This is a great weekend read for those of you who want a strong plot with twists along the way. This book can be purchased on Amazon.


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What’s In My Writing Bag?


The things that are in a writing bag tell a lot about the person and the writer. My writing bag is finally complete as of yesterday so I wanted to show you all what was in it.



1. IPad

I do a lot with my iPad that involves writing. I outline my books using the Index Card app and I do all of my blogging from the Blogsy app. I also read all of my e books via iBooks or the Kindle app. The iPad is also great for watching TV shows.



2. Planner, Notebooks, and Pens

My planner holds a lot of my information such as my writing schedule and my daily life. I prefer the old fashioned way of using a paper planner for most things versus using my iPad calendar.

I have two notebooks which are each for different purposes. My pink notebook hold all of my self publishing and book sources. Each time I find something new I add it to the list. My grey folder holds all of my blog ideas.

I love using gel pens and sharpies to color coordinate my book notes and point out areas that need to be revised.



3. Book Outline

I always carry my book outline with me to refer to it while I am writing. I can also look at it and see where I need to add more details in certain chapters. This is the roadmap to me finishing my book along with organization.



4. MacBook Air

My MacBook Air is what makes my writing bag complete. I just got it yesterday so there is a lot to learn, but already I see how it will make my writing life a lot easier. I love how light that it is and the portability of it. It also syncs with some applications on my iPhone. I am looking for a good word processing app. In the meantime I am using Pages.



What's in your writing bag?



Happy Reading and Writing,